Tree Services in Mills River, NC

Tree Services in Mills River, NC

Tree Services in Mills River, NC

Tree Care Services in Mills River, NC

Hendersonville Tree Service is proud to serve you with tree removal, pruning, or trimming. Our licensed and bonded company has been assisting the local community for years.

In addition to residential service we also provide commercial tree service to businesses. We can even provide 24/7 emergency service if you need immediate assistance with tree care.

Tree Pruning & Trimming Services in Mills River, NC

Keeping the trees on your property pruned and trimmed has many benefits for you. Maintenance can keep your trees in good health. It also helps to maintain the appearance of your landscape.

Tree Removal Services in Mills River, NC

Anyone that has trees on their property will have to deal with removal at some point. As trees age they can suffer damage from high winds, lightning strikes, or other trees. They may also succumb to disease and rot.

When this happens you need to act quickly. A tree can fall on your home and cause massive damage. Your tree might also fall on a neighbor’s property, leaving you liable. We are ready to act on your behalf and get problem trees removed.

Stump Grinding or Removal Services in Mills River, NC

Stump grinding and removal is provided by our team of tree maintenance experts. Stumps are unattractive and should be dealt with properly. We have the equipment to do the job right, and we can often get it done in just a few hours.

Storm Tree Damage Cleanups & Land Clearing in Mills River, NC

Storms are an ever-present reality in Mills River, North Carolina. Many times a sudden storm can leave damage such as downed trees or limbs and debris. If you have suffered storm damage we encourage you to call us for a clean-up. We can handle the job in a safe manner and restore your property to its normal state.