5 Big Reasons Why You Should Remove a Tree Stump


There are plenty of reasons we could think of as to why removing tree stumps would be beneficial for your property. But here are the top 5 major reasons we think you should have them removed from your property.

  • They are unsightly and are quite an eyesore to look at.
  • They are hazardous for kids running around, especially if you have stumps located on a property where you have frequent foot traffic.
  • Tree stumps attract pests of all kinds, some of them not so friendly. These include rodents and even Termites. Termites are known for eating wood, you don’t want termites anywhere near the structure of your house.
  • Stumps can cause new re-growth of trees. As amazing as this sounds, chances are, the only reason you have that tree stump there is because you had a tree removed. We doubt you want another one to grow in it’s place.
  • Stumps will also take up precious space in your yard that can be used for other elements like a patch of flowers or playground

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