5 Common Fruit Tree Issues

Sometimes, nothing could be as fantastic as creating something from nothing. In this case it would be homegrown fruit. However, there are always problems when it comes to fruit trees. This is why they need to be constantly maintained by professionals or by yourself if you have the time. The list below covers common fruit tree issues we’ve seen and dealt with.

Apple Scab Disease is a fungus disease that hurts apple leaves, fruit and of course, stems. This is pretty bad in North Carolina due to the heat, humidity and rainfall. Our solutions usually revolve around planting resistant apple species and using Fungicide.

Peach Leaf Curl is another fungus disease which targets the peach itself and nectarine trees. Just as the name says, the leaves of the tree begin to curl into themselves causing mass defoliation. We use fungicide spray to combat it.

Ripe Cherries are a target for all kinds of animals and pests. We typically use bird netting and stakes to cover your crops for protection.

Fruit Suckers are known for producing stems that originate from the roots that suck the life out of the tree because they don’t bear fruit. In order to remove these, we dig around and cut them cleanly off. This does require seasonal maintenance because they do in fact grow back.

Crown Galls on Apple Trees are caused by a bacteria that dwells within the soil. What you end up seeing is something near the bottom base of the tree that looks like a few large tumors. Prevention is our best method of control here.

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