Tree Removal in Mills River, NC

Removing a tree is not like other aspects of property maintenance. It can be a masterful undertaking that requires skill and the right equipment. That’s exactly what customers can expect from Hendersonville Tree Service. We are a local company that’s owner-operated, knowledgable and committed to quality service.

Emergency Tree Removal Services

When you have an emergency situation related to a tree on your property, we understand the importance of responding fast to address the issue. That’s why we offer 24/7 availability. We are also bonded, insured and fully licensed. Making sure your property is safe should be a priority and that’s why it’s our focus.

The Most Common Reasons Your Tree Needs to be Removed

Your tree may need to be removed if it’s too close to a structure, has decay at the base or is otherwise presenting a hazard to your property. There are some cases when a tree was a hazard that went undetected for too long. That’s why you need the help of experts.

Storm Damage Tree Clean-ups & Removals

You simply cannot wait to repair storm damage because a delay can sometimes exacerbate the situation. We provide storm damage clean-up that includes the removal of trees as necessary.

Can We Save Your Tree?

Choosing to save a tree may or may not be a good idea. If a tree is truly a hazardous, it’s best to remove it. However, sometimes the trunk of a tree is sturdy, which means pruning or eliminating damage can save it.

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